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My daughter Ruby began her education at Brenda's Montessori Preschool when she was 2 1/2. Being a single parent I needed much help with raising her. Not only did Mrs. Brenda teach her so much more than I possibly could have on my own but her entire family nurtured and loved her. They were all such excellent role models for my daughter and treated her as part of their family.

My husband and I made an excellent decision to place our son at Brenda's Montessori Preschool. Their patients and warm welcoming home made the transition so easy for our son who has some learning disabilities. Their experience in professional understanding and knowledge was impressive and he excelled in every way with all the wonderful Montessori materials and methods.

We are so glad we decided to bring our daughter to Brenda's Montessori Preschool. Every day she could not wait to go to school and see her friends and learn some more. She especially loved the work time and is beginning to read words. We really love the "warm atmosphere of Brenda's Montessori Preschool" Thank you.

It's hard to express the appreciation we have for all your hard work you do with Jeanne and Billy – I know their good manners and ability to follow directions did not originate in our household.
On Jeanne's first day of kindergarten I could see that she was very confident, while most of the other children were crying and distressed. Jeanne was focused and quick to raise her hand. She was ready for the world. Thank you for setting the stage for our little star.

Vanessa and I would like to thank you for being such an inspirational teacher and wonderful person. We feel so fortunate to have been part of your Montessori school, and we are so grateful for all that you've done for Malia.

Thank you for being with Eddie during the past 32 months. We appreciate everything you have done for his growth and learning and will always remember the happiness and fun with you.

Thank you so much for everything you've done for Ryan and Ethan over the past three years. I feel so confident that you have prepared them well and all your patience and love has really encouraged them and helped them blossom and thrive. Thank you thank you thank you