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Philosophy and Overview:

Brenda's Montessori school is a home-based program with a prepared environment set up to cater to preschoolers aged two and a half years to five and a half years old. Children are grouped together for effective learning, caring, sharing and helping each other.

Didactic materials are organized into learning areas and the children are taught to choose work from the shelves. They work individually on mats developing a respect for order, materials,the environment, and each other.
Materials that the children work with help to develop various areas of the curriculum including:

Practical life – these exercises develop concentration,fine motor skills, and self-discipline. For example, pouring of grains, tweezing objects from one container to another, scooping items from one container to another, sorting like objects together, lacing, buttoning, buckling, zipping and snapping. These skills give the child a great sense of self confidence.

Sensorial exercises – through various materials the senses can be developed, e.g.The sense of touch is enhanced by the feeling and matching of various fabrics while blindfolded. Listening and hearing is finely tuned through the sound cylinders.

Pre-writing and a pre-reading – use of a pencil is encouraged and as soon as children can hold one they can trace the metal inset shapes. Various materials are categorized as pre-reading, e.g.: matching, opposites, sequencing, attribute boards, before and after exercises – which all involve looking for clues.

As soon as children are interested they will be introduced to the sandpaper letters which teach them the phonics sounds of the letters – not the alphabet. The sounds of the letters help the progression of the reading program that will follow.

Math – numbers and counting are explored with a variety of materials including the Montessori golden bead material. Children are able to understand very concretely the units, tens, hundreds, and thousands in both number and quantity. Once they begin to write numbers they can learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

Technology – The children take turns at working on our computers with many educational softwares including starfall.com

Circle times – during this important daily activity the children are involved in the calendar. We discuss the day, days of the week, months of the year, seasons etc. At this time new materials are presented and the theme of the week or month is discussed with visual materials.

Themes – these cover a variety of subjects including social studies, geography, sciences,zoology and botany. Through the use of visual aids and hands-on materials the children get a broad look at their world.

Art – we like to get creative with art materials, paints and cutting and pasting with projects associated with the theme of the week. Art is mostly an exploration of various materials.

Play Dough – for this preschool age Play Dough is a wonderful hands-on medium to encourage activity and socialization. It is also a wonderful way to enhance relaxation.

Music – Brenda plays the guitar with the children and they are actively involved in singing a variety of songs and experimenting with different instruments. Also through the use of tapes and CDs we do a lot of action songs and movement.