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Brenda's Montessori preschool is a quality family owned and operated preschool located in our recently renovated University City home in San Diego. Brenda is a trained teacher from New Zealand who taught for several years in the traditional classroom before moving to San Diego. She then trained as a Montessori teacher and is certified with the International Association of Progressive Montessorians. Together with her husband Kevin, she has been teaching children from many diverse cultures for the past 20 years.

We believe that a home environment is definitely,"the best of both worlds" for preschool aged children. They are able to develop their academic potential in a warm nurturing and safe home setting which is more relaxed and cozy rather than a bigger and less personal center. The Montessori area is a large prepared environment set up with all the necessary didactic materials that make the Montessori education so successful.

We feel very passionate in our effort to promote each child's personal development and success. This is such a vital time for preschool age children to gain knowledge and experiences through hands on activities as these are the formative years when a child's brain develops 90%. Their potential to learn at this stage is crucial in order to lay the foundation on which their continued success and confidence will soar.

Our home is warm and welcoming – our license is just for 12 children. Our ratio is 6:1. The small size is what makes our preschool for young children so effective. The age groups are mixed together so that they all learn from each other. The older children feel important when they can help a younger child and the younger children try new challenging activities as they learn from their older friends.

In order to keep ahead of the changing technologies and advanced ideas, Kevin and Brenda have continued their education in child development. Coursework covering all curriculum areas and they are not afraid to try new ideas and activities with the children. Our program includes nutritious meals which are offered to all the children at no extra charge to the parents.

Play time is an important part for a young child's growth and development so we make sure there is plenty of time during the day for play in our large outdoor fenced yard.

Kevin and Brenda are certified in CPR and First Aid and they pay particular attention to children's safety. Their home is inspected each year by the Fire Department ensuring fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are in good working condition. They commonly practice earthquake and fire drills so the children are familiar with what to do in an emergency.

Brenda's Montessori Preschool is a unique environment that not only nurtures and cares for your preschooler but also captivates, motivates and enriches your child's learning. We feel honored to be a part of your child's growth and development.